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See Yesterday's Sales, Today

In today's fast-moving book market, good decisions require good data.

To succeed online, you need to know which publishers, authors, and titles in your genre sold best there last month. Or last week.

Data from five months ago is pretty useless. You need it current and real-time — as real-time as the live sales stats on our front page.

Bookstat's web dashboard gives you transparent access to all of that. And more. You can even see all of yesterday's ebook, audio, and online print sales, today.

Tomorrow’s Preorders, Too

Wondering which new books your upcoming launch titles will be competing with for reader attention? And how many online preorders they've racked up so far?

Or how many preorders you have?

Wonder no longer.

Bookstat is the only subscription data service that lets you see accumulated preorders for unreleased titles, even months before launch date.

With Bookstat, you can literally see into the future, and count tomorrow’s sales today.

Better Data. Better Decisions.
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37% of your online competition
doesn't show up
in other industry stats...
...but your customers
can see them just fine.
When you only see half the market, you miss a lot

To be useful, sales data has to reflect what your customers are actually buying. When you rely on data that misses 37% of the ebook and audio dollars they spend each day, or 60% of the books they purchase online, you're flying your business half-blind.

Bookstat is the only industry data service that tracks all online book purchases at the retail point of sale regardless of publisher type. Unlike Nielsen PubTrack and the AAP's Statshots, which only tally self-reported sales from a narrow sector of today's expanded publishing industry, Bookstat lets you see the whole market.

And what a difference that makes.

Bookstat reveals the hundreds of millions of additional online book purchases from nonreporting publishers that PubTrack and the AAP are blind to — untracked sales worth $1.25 billion a year.

When you can see all these ebook and audiobook dollars that others can't, you end up with a very different picture of today's market. Hidden genres are revealed with barely tapped potential, where burgeoning reader demand is being fulfilled by the nontraditional suppliers who currently dominate those genres. In many of today's highest-selling online book categories, the vast majority of these consumer sales have gone entirely unreported. Until now.

A shrinking ebook market? For some, perhaps. But a billion untracked dollars a year says otherwise.

Don’t let bad data make your business miss out.

Better Data. Better Decisions.
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bookstat puts

the entire industry
at your fingertips

anytime, anywhere
mobile desktop

Bookstat's lightning-fast, responsive dashboard lets you search by publisher, genre, author, title, BISAC, ISBN, or ASIN. Discover the top-earning publishers, authors, and titles in each genre right now. See their total ebook, audiobook, and online print sales for last quarter, last week, or even yesterday. Drill down into thousands of subgenres. Analyze sales by price point. By publisher type. By online discount offered. Slice the data any way you want.

From the largest Big Five trade publishers down to the scrappiest garage micropresses, to sales from Amazon's in-house publishing imprints and format-dominating Audible Studios to J.K. Rowling's Pottermore — data that you'll find nowhere else — even the sales of individual self-published authors: it's all right there, live at your fingertips, ready for you to ask it the questions that drive your business.

And Bookstat's dashboard works just as well on your mobile device:

That hot new title, up-and-coming author, or exploding genre that someone just mentioned?

Have a phone in your pocket?

You can check their online sales right now.



If your company's annual revenues are $10 million or more, and you think Bookstat's sales data dashboard might be a good match for your business needs, give us a shout. We'd be happy to set up a live demo or explore different subscription options.